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The Concept

The SelectaDNA product range consists of a number of solutions containing a unique DNA code which can be used to uniquely mark and trace both items of property and criminals.

The Concept

Each DNA code used in the SelectaDNA products is completely unique so that every marking kit and spray canister we supply has its very own forensic signature.

SelectaDNA products contain real DNA but are referred to as “Synthetic” to differentiate it from Human DNA. SelectaDNA is simply a series of unique combinations of A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), G (Guanine) and T (Thymine). The synthetic DNA used in SelectaDNA is short-chain, making it far more robust than human DNA.

The details of the code are then recorded on the SelectaDNA Police and Insurance approved database so that a code found on an asset or person can be identified back to a specific owner or location.

The SelectaDNA code can be deciphered by a molecular genetic laboratory which has been supplied with a SelectaDNA reagent kit designed to detect and analyse SelectaDNA samples.