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Congratulations on your recent SelectaDNA purchase. Once you have marked your valuables with the solution and stuck the warning stickers in your windows, you must register your kit to your home address. This provides the missing link to return your property to you, should it be stolen. However, the whole purpose of the kit is that of a deterrent and you should be a less attractive proposition to potential burglars because of the signs, warning them that your property has been protected.

If you DO NOT already have an account and wish to register a new SelectaDNA kit, please click the button below.

Our brand new online registration system is now live. Please click here to register your product on the Selectamark Secure Asset Register. Please ensure that you have your Kit Code (e.g. SEL150495) and Kit PIN (e.g. 12AB34CD) to hand. The Kit Code will typically begin SEL, SELC, SELG and then the number without spaces in the middle.

If your kit does not have a visible PIN code on the label, please send a photograph of the label on the bottle to [email protected]

Register Kit


To register an additional SelectaDNA kit or log back in to your account, click the button below.