SelectaDNA Aerosol (Single Code)

The SelectaDNA Aerosol (Single Code) contains a unique synthetic DNA that can link an offender to a crime scene.

Brand: SelectaDNA


SKU: 19831

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Our aerosols are at the heart of our intruder spray system - a system that is used in over 20 countries worldwide to protect businesses from theft.

Each of our aerosols contains a solution of unique SelectaDNA and UV marker. Mount them in our spray heads and, when the spray head receives a signal, the aerosol will quickly cover the offender in SelectaDNA - which clings to the criminal’s skin and clothes, allowing Police to detect them and then link them to a specific crime.

The power of SelectaDNA deters criminals from targeting your business. Our single code aerosol is for use in one spray head and can be activated no more than once.

We recommend that you keep a supply of spare aerosols so you’re never caught short after an activation.

To find out more about how the SelectaDNA Spray System works click here

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