SelectaDNA Spray Head (Slimline Silver)

Enhance your SelectaDNA intruder spray system with the particularly efficient slimline silver spray head.

Brand: SelectaDNA


SKU: 19803

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A SelectaDNA spray head is an essential component of the SelectaDNA intruder spray system, which is used in over 20 countries worldwide to protect businesses from theft. The spray system drastically lowers your chances of being targeted by criminals, and this slimline silver spray head is particularly efficient when marking criminals.

The key to the spray head’s outstanding efficiency is its shape and size. As a discreet, slimline model, it can be fixed to the tops or sides of door frames (although the head can also be attached to ceilings and walls). It gets closer to the criminal, and can therefore mark them with more of our unique, synthetic SelectaDNA, giving police and criminals a greater opportunity to detect the DNA on offenders over the following weeks.

Like our rectangular silver model, the slimline silver spray head is suited to use in covert operations. Should you wish to mark a criminal without them knowing about it, the slimline spray head can be mounted in nooks and voids in roofs and walls - completely out of sight of offenders. Even when tucked away, the slimline spray head performs exceptionally when releasing SelectaDNA.


  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions: 445mm x 56mm x 52mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Options: Aerosols require 19804 Slimline spray nozzle

To find out more about how the SelectaDNA Spray System works click here

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