SelectaDNA Spray Warning Sign (Foamex) 400x300mm

Ensure thieves know what they’re up against with this foamex warning sign

Brand: SelectaDNA


SKU: 19843

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Our intruder spray system is used in over 20 countries worldwide to protect businesses from theft - but its true deterrent effect can only be achieved when thieves know it’s in use.

SelectaDNA foamex warning signs notify thieves that an intruder spray system is in operation - making them think twice before stealing from your business.

Each 40x30cm sign is made from robust foamex, which resists impact, does not rot and does not swell. Display signs in prominent areas to prevent thieves from targeting your business.

Each sign comes with the necessary permanent fixtures and fittings and their large 40x30cm size makes them difficult to miss - ensuring your intruder spray system works to maximum effectiveness.

To find out more about how the SelectaDNA Spray System works click here

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